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Bob Adams, Fritz Donovan and Ed Tarlov-518
Dinner Table-456
Dinner Table-458
Dinner Table-459
Dinner Table-461
Dinner Table-463
Dinner Table-464
Dinner Table-465
Dinner Table-467
Dinner Table-470
Dinner Table-471
Dinner Table-478
Dinner Table-482
Dinner Table-495
Dinner Table-541
Dinner Table-545
Dinner Table-547
Dinner Table-549
Dinner Table-552
Dinner Table-554
Dinner Table-557
Dinner Table-560
Dinner Table-562
Bill Markus-503
Carole Markus-511
Carolyn Peter-508
Karen Morgan-509
Karen Morgan and Henry Marcy-567
Jerry Weidler and Anndy Harris-484
The gathering-485
The gathering-486
The gathering-487
The gathering-488
The gathering-489
The gathering-492
The gathering-494
The gathering-529
The gathering-532
The gathering-536
The gathering-539

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