Up 140314-H60 at Adams House Slideshow

FDR suite-5071
FDR suite-5076
FDR suite-5075
FDR suite-5074
FDR suite-5073
Lathrop BR picture-5087
Guide Michael Weishan-5072
The group-5090
The group-5091
The group-5114
Bob Adams-5154
Ed Tarlov-5131
Tom Bertone-5112
Gene Lipkowitz-5113
Gerry Levenson-5103
Gerry, Larry and Steve-5115
Hale Sturges-5095
Hale, Ed et al-5106
Henry and Ron-5158
Henry Marcy-5094
Henry Marcy-5116
Henry Wadzinsky-5108
Jerry Rogoff-5142
Jerry Rogoff-5145
John Strand-5122
John Wilson-5129
Larry Rappaport-5102
Lincoln Ford-5139
Paul Rothwell-5126
Peter Chen-5101
Peter Papesch-5124
Richard Weiner-5118
Richard Weiner-5128
Ron Goodman-5099
Steve Weddle-5137
Tare Newbury-5111
The group-5150
The group-5148

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