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Effretikon church-2132
View of Alps from Effretikon church-2134
Zurich Oberland-2117
Zurich Oberland-2124
Zurich Oberland-2127
View from First-2135
Kite near Kyburg-2139
Landscape near Kyburg-2140
Golden reeds-2145
Russikon church-2148
Russikon church gargoyles-2149
Russikon church gargoyle-2146
Russikon church interior-2152
View from Russikon churchyard-2153
Russikon church-2105
Russikon building-2106
Russikon building-2108
Russikon barn-2107
Russikon building-2110
Russikon building-2111
Russikon building-2113
Russikon farmhouse-1213
Berggasse 7
Russikon farmhouse-1208
Russikon farmhouse-1211
Russikon farmhouse-1212
Russikon farmhouse-1219
Russikon farmhouse-1221
Gull and waterfowl on Limmat-2329
Grossmuenster church-2338
Limmat waterfront buildings-2340
Zurich cablecar railway-02292
View from Zurich cablecar railway-2334
Zurich cablecar railway tracks-2291
Passengers waiting for Zurich cablecar railway-2335
View down Lake Zurich-2337
Zurich vignette-2345
Zurich vignette-2346
Zurich vignette-2347
Zurich vignette-2348
Zurich vignette-2349
Carved sculpture-2297
Carved sculptures-2308
Carved sculptures-2310
Carved sculptures-2312
Carved sculptures-2313
Carved sculptures-2315
Group of sculptures-2298
Saint sculpture-2294
Sculpture of sinners-2321
Madonna sculpture-2317
Madonna sculpture-2320
Ornately carved chest-2323
Kuesznacht Seminary-2306
Pfaeffikersee view towards Juckerhof-2357
Pfaeffikersee wetlanda and view twds Glarner Alps-2359
Pfaeffikersee wetlanda and view twds Glarner Alps-2363
Slightly incongruous Pfaeffikersee silhouettes2364
Pfaeffikersee fishing pier-2360
Pfaeffikersee fisherman-2361
Grazing swans near Pfaeffikersee-2366
Pfaeffikersee scene at dusk-2365
P-See sunset-2413
P-See sunset-2414
P-See sunset-2415
P-See sunset-2416
P-See sunset-2417
P-See sunset-2418
P-See sunset-2423
P-See sunset-2424
P-See sunset-2425
P-See sunset-2428
P-See sunset-2429
P-See sunset-2430
P-See sunset-2431
P-See sunset-2433
P-See sunset-2434
P-See sunset-2437
P-See sunset-2439
P-See sunset-2440
P-See sunset-2441
P-See sunset-2446
P-See sunset-2447
P-See sunset-2450
P-See sunset-2451
P-See sunset-2448
P-See sunset-2443

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